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    He found, as he had hoped he would, a little deserted table in the window shut off from the rest of the room by the door. It was very private with the light evening sunlight beyond the glass and people passing to and fro, and a little queue of men and women already beginning to form outside the pit door of the Royalty Theatre. The little manager brought them their tea and smiled and made little chirping noises and left them to themselves.
    We had tea in a café in Oxford Street. He wanted to take me to a Cinema after that but I wouldn't. I went home and read Lord Jim until Mary came in. That's the book Henry used to be crazy about. I think Bunny is rather like Jim although, of course, Bunny isn't a coward. . . .
    "Yes, it's difficult after all this time—difficult to find the joining-points. And I'm not very good at that—clumsy and slow."


    1."Oh, she doesn't know any of us. She can't live through the night."
    2.Henry said he would be delighted, as for sure he would.
    3.He had fallen on his knees and when he stumbled to his feet his left heel was still entangled with the curtain. He nearly fell again, but saved himself with a kind of staggering, sud[Pg 22]denly asserted dignity, a dignity none the easier because he heard the curtain tear behind him as he pulled himself to his feet.
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